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Give Me Caffeine | The Best Café’s In Knaresborough

When my grandma asked me what the high street in Knaresborough was like these days, my response was simple. “If you need your hair doing, a cup of tea or a new filter for your vape, then Knaresborough’s got it covered.”

And while my observation is pretty spot on, Knaresborough is especially good for relaxing and chatting over a cup of coffee. So I thought I would tell you my top picks of café’s in Knaresborough.

When it comes to the weekend, getting a relaxing cup of coffee in Harrogate is nearly impossible, but by heading next door to Knaresborough you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want.

The One With The Best Food

If you’re looking for immaculate food and strong coffee then look no further than Christian’s Café on Silver Street.

Christian’s Café is run by young couple Christian and Alice, having relocated from Crimple Hall in Pannel to their new spot in Knaresborough. The café is located above an antique shop, so it can be easy to miss, but look for Drake’s fish and chip shop and it’s right next door.

café's in Knaresborough

The café upstairs has a really cool vibe – it feels pretty ‘indie’. The decor is simple but it has huge character through it’s tile counter, vibrant black boards and the awesome giant bear painted on the main wall. (I’ll leave that for you to discover when you visit rather than leave the picture here.)

Now let’s talk about food… If I want good food in Knaresborough, I know that Christian’s Café won’t disappoint me. Knaresborough is pretty lacking in the eating-out stakes; the main place to eat out is Wetherspoons, but Christian’s has some of the most delicious food I’ve had.

The brunch is exquisite! I think it’s off the menu now as they update regularly, but the Salmon Frittata (pictured above) was to die for. The Eggs Benedict was also beautiful. Now that I’m a vegetarian I can’t have these (obviously) but the Roast Butternut Squash dish was divine. So divine that I was too busy shoving it in my face to take a picture…

The One With The Quirkiest Decor

“I love how everything in here is something I could probably find at my grandma’s house” is the most appropriate phrase to describe Number Thirteen.

café's in Knaresborough

Located at 13 Castlegate (shocker!) this tiny coffee shop popped up just a few months ago and it’s fast become a cute hangout in Knaresborough. It’s run by a lovely lady and she serves up tasty coffees, an array of teas and plenty of cakes, scones, doughnuts and toasties for your heart’s content.

There isn’t a huge amount of space in the café so I wouldn’t recommend going as a big party, but if you’re a couple looking for a catch up or a coffee date, you’ll be in the perfect place.

The retro decor is to die for and the cups, plates, and even the spoons, are like stepping back in time. Knaresborough needed a good quirky café and we finally have it!

café's in Knaresborough

The One With The Best Views

If you know Knaresborough then you probably can guess that the best views in Knaresborough are down by the riverside. Without a doubt, the best view from a café along the riverside is at Marigold’s Café.

It is only open during the spring/summer season and on a beautiful sunny day, there is nothing better than coffee and a cake by the river. There is plenty of outdoor seating, along with an indoor area lit by a coal fire on the cooler days, with riverboats to hop on at your fingertips.

café's in Knaresborough

The tables have a perfect view of the Knaresborough viaduct and you can watch (and laugh) at the people rowing by while you comfortably eat your food. It’s also dog friendly so there is always plenty of gorgeous dogs to gush over. Which obviously is important…

The One With The Cutest Cakes

I mean you can tell that Honey Bee’s at Hannah’s is a cute little tea room before you even step foot inside.

Set inside an old cottage, the decor is adorably old fashioned, making it the perfect place for a spot of afternoon tea and classic cakes. It is pretty much opposite Number Thirteen on Castlegate, so you could make a double-whammy of it and hit up both places to compare…

As a Brit, it’s pretty much mandatory that every now and then you should sit down with a cup of earl grey tea and a slice of Victoria spongecake. Thankfully, Honey Bees at Hannah’s has you covered. It would be rude not to have a classic tearoom in an old English town after all.

So that’s my list of my favourite café’s in Knaresborough! I’m a pretty avid coffee drinker and I’m fairly certain I’ve been to all of the café’s in Knaresborough, but if you have a favourite café that you think I should try out leave a comment in the section below. Support your independent businesses!



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