My Autobiography

Ok, well where to begin…?

Erm well, my name is Elisha – hi! 🙂

I’m a twenty-odd-year-old girl living in Leeds, Yorkshire. I work as a Digital Content Creator and Social Media Manager, and this is my personal blog, ‘Elisha Blogs’.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting!

I split my time between Leeds and Harrogate (where my family is) so I like to enjoy, explore and write about the areas that I live in.

I’m a BIG fan of brunch. Best meal of the day, hands down. All the eggs. All the coffee. And add in a boozy brunch with lots of prosecco? I’m sold.

Also wine and cheese – I’m your girl! Rhubarb gin and elderflower tonic is the drink of champions and a cold Corona on a hot day is perfection (or an evening with a curry). So I guess I kinda like alcohol then…

I long to see the world!

I’ve seen a lot already (mainly thanks to my time working for Disney Cruise Line when I practically got paid to travel Europe and the Caribbean) but my intention is to experience as many places as I can in my lifetime. The world is beautiful and I want to make the most of the time I have on this miraculous planet.

I have a nut allergy, so I understand how nerve-wracking it can be to try new places – especially when you go travelling abroad where you can’t be 100% sure what you’re eating! So my intention is to write about the places I travel and give as many hints and tips as possible so that, should you have an allergy too and want to go where I’ve been, you have a heads up on some great spots to eat/places to avoid.

I trained professionally in Musical Theatre at the Guildford School of Acting and worked in the industry for about 3 years afterwards, before deciding it didn’t make me happy anymore. Constant self-loathing and crippling anxiety didn’t really fit into my life plans any longer…

BUT musical theatre and the world of performance, show biz and acting is still a huge part of my life. I teach kiddies how to prance around a stage at weekends and I sing like a loon in my car and flat. Maybe one day soon I’ll find an outlet to get back on a stage for fun again!

I worked for Disney Cruise Line as a performer in the Main Stage shows for a couple of years and I had the best time ever! No job will ever beat dressing up as a Disney princess and singing on a stage to over a thousand people every night. Oh, and I’ve met and worked with Alan Menken – whaaaaaaat?!

Other random facts about me…

I am trained to an advanced level in Stage Combat, so I can pretend to kick your ass and stab you with a sword pretty convincingly.

I’m dramatic but NOT a drama queen. I actually try to actively avoid drama; I don’t have time for it.

My life is not like the stuff Instagram dreams are made of and I am terrible at taking pictures – so don’t expect first class pictures from me. Hopefully, you’ll just like the random stuff I have to say instead.

I am a crazy dog lady. And my dogs are cuter than yours.

I love a bit of yoga to soothe the soul and soothe the aching muscles.

I’m a huge advocate for The Sims 2. Not The Sims 3, 4 or original. The Sims 2. I have lost many an hour to that game and I don’t regret a second.

I’m obsessed with murder podcasts. I’m currently religiously following ‘My Favourite Murder’. I loved ‘Up and Vanished’, ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ and ‘Serial’. I tried listening to ‘Lore’ but it scared the hell out of me. I believe in ghosts, so as soon as anyone mentions them, I’m not sleeping for a week…

If it’s sparkly then I’m probably going to buy it.

If I ever disappear, I’ve either taken myself off to Villefranche to live in a tiny flat with a balcony, where I’ll write every day and drink strong coffee, or I’m in Thailand meditating on a clifftop, walking barefoot and dedicating myself to Buddha for the rest of my days…

Anyway, that’s enough…

I hope you enjoy browsing my blog 🙂