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Hi! My name is Elisha, I’m a twenty-something Harrogate blogger pottering between Harrogate, Leeds, London, and as many places in the world as possible. I am on a mission to find the fun in every-day life!

I enjoy writing about Northern lifestyle, travel, theatre, and the trials and lessons that come with growing up and learning to navigate life. I live with a peanut allergy so I am keen to share my travelling and eating out tips in the hopes that others with an allergy can feel more confident to live their best lives without feeling held back.

I am a big fan of the theatre and I trained and worked professionally in Musical Theatre for many years (and I still do). Β I love to write theatre reviews and provide hints, tips and insights into the world of performing.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hopefully discover something helpful, if not, at least something slightly amusing!