My Autobiography

Ok, well where to begin…?

Erm well, my name is Elisha – hi! 🙂

I’m a twenty-odd-year-old girl living in Leeds, Yorkshire. I work as a Digital Content Creator and Social Media Manager, and this is my personal blog, ‘Elisha Blogs’.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting!

I split my time between Leeds and Harrogate (where my family is) so I like to enjoy, explore and write about the areas that I live in.

I openly admit that I am in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. I have no idea what I’m doing with my career or my general life and I struggle with daily adult tasks. Basically, I fail at adulting and I like to talk about it in the hopes that somebody else feels the same way too. Follow my journey as I try to navigate my way through my mid to late twenties…

I long to see the world!

I’ve seen a lot already (mainly thanks to my time working for Disney Cruise Line when I practically got paid to travel Europe and the Caribbean) but my intention is to experience as many places as I can in my lifetime.

However, like most people, I have to travel on a budget. So my travel posts are budget-friendly and I love to visit places for a short amount of time. This way I get to make the most of my time there, whilst saving money compared to a long trip.

The world is beautiful and I want to make the most of the time I have on this miraculous planet.

I have a nut allergy, so I understand how nerve-wracking it can be to try new places – especially when you go travelling abroad where you can’t be 100% sure what you’re eating! So my intention is to write about the places I travel and give as many hints and tips as possible so that, should you have an allergy too and want to go where I’ve been, you have a heads up on some great spots to eat/places to avoid.

I trained professionally in Musical Theatre at the Guildford School of Acting and worked in the industry for about 3 years afterwards, before deciding it didn’t make me happy anymore. Constant self-loathing and crippling anxiety didn’t really fit into my life plans any longer…

BUT musical theatre and the world of performance, show biz and acting is still a huge part of my life. I teach kids and teenagers drama and musical theatre, and I sing like a loon in my car and flat. Nowadays, I perform for FUN again and it is exhilarating to have ‘found the love’ again!

I worked for Disney Cruise Line as a performer in their Main Stage shows for a couple of years and I had the best time ever! No job will ever beat dressing up as a Disney princess and singing on a stage to over a thousand people every night. Oh, and I’ve met and worked with Alan Menken – whaaaaaaat?!

I’m obsessed with murder podcasts. Or any podcasts for that matter. I’d love to one day start up my own – so I guess watch this space!

I have a passion for the theatre, which makes sense since I professionally trained in musical theatre and work in the industry. I occasionally write theatre reviews of both local Northern productions and in London’s West End. So if you need any recommendations of shows to see, head over to my theatre section.

If I ever disappear, I’ve either taken myself off to Villefranche to live in a tiny flat with a balcony, where I’ll write every day and drink strong coffee, or I’m in Thailand meditating on a clifftop, walking barefoot and dedicating myself to Buddha for the rest of my days…

Anyway, that’s enough for now…

I hope you enjoy browsing my blog 🙂