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A letter to my Fairy Godmother…

When life throws you a curveball and your emotions and self worth take a knock, it can make every day difficult for the period of time it takes to heal. You struggle to really enjoy good moments because you have a rain cloud constantly hovering over your head.

To feel like your emotions have been treated with the intention of hurting you, leaves you feeling very unwanted, awkward and upset. You feel like you are unwelcome in social situations because if people can have such little regard for your feelings, then everybody must feel that way too.

But all it takes is one person to give you that spark of hope. One person’s generosity of heart to remind you that not everyone thinks you are worthless. 

The past two days I have been visited by a Fairy Godmother. 

Day 1, I open my bedroom door to have a multipack of ‘Twirl’ chocolate bars fall from the ceiling and to my feet. 

Day 2, I return to my room to find a bar of ‘Dairy Milk’ chocolate taped to my door. 

Neither of which had a note or an explanation.

Now to anyone who doesn’t know, Cadbury’s chocolate is my favourite thing in the world! I eat it pretty much every day normally, but I have been limited to my intake due to being abroad on a Cruiseship; many countries don’t sell it.

My secret Fairy Godmother has given me so much unexpected joy to come home to my door and discover this generosity. 

It may seem silly to some, but to have somebody do something for me that they know I will enjoy, when I have been having such a rough time, means everything to me. To have somebody do something so kind for me, when I have encountered such unkindness recently, restores my faith.

Fairy Godmother, whoever you are, I am so grateful to you. (Crying like a baby right now!)

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. You wouldn’t have known what your actions would do for me, but know that whoever you are, you are my blessing right now. You have helped me immeasurably and I can’t thank you enough.

Next time I have my cup of tea and chocolate, I will raise my ‘Twirl’ to you!




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