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A Beast Of A Brunch In Toronto

Sunday is the day of rest. Or at least it is, unless it is your only day off work of the week, like it is for me currently.

So that means that Sunday is my day to get everything done that I want to do, and need to do.

While I may have forgotten to do a food shop today, and have only just put my laundry in the washer at 10pm at night, I did manage to make the most of my day off. I am a person who suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out), but that is only in the way that I don’t like to stay in bed all day because I feel like I am wasting my day. Every day is a blessing that should be embraced!

So what better way to start off a Sunday, than with brunch?

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My friend Ashley suggested we try a place called Beast, that she had come across whilst exploring the streets of Toronto. It was hidden among houses, and didn’t necessarily look like much from the outside as it was small and pretty minimal decor, but the queues in the street suggested a thriving business, and the food didn’t disappoint.

A tapas restaurant by night, and a popular brunch spot by day, Beast (on Tecumseth Street) was the perfect way to start our Sunday. With a variety of brunch concoctions to choose from, it was hard to select just one thing to try. I eventually settled on the meat scramble with 3 eggs and buttermilk biscuit, while Ashley ate the challah french toast with duck confit, cranberry mostarda and maple syrup. Not to forget, a side of fried pickles and ranch dressing to share! Sadly they were sold out of the maple-bacon donuts – although maybe it’s just as well they were…

After our delicious, and filling brunch, we wandered back towards Queen Street, taking a detour through Graffiti Alley. Pretty much what it says on the tin; Grafitti Alley is well known for its alleys covered in grafitti – who’da thunk, huh?

Aside from the ‘interesting’ video shoot that was taking place (shirtless men in red hot-pants gyrating to 80’s music is just what I wanted to see after my brunch…), we wandered around the alleys admiring the incredible artwork that climbed the sides of the buildings. There even was a ‘just-married’ couple who were taking some photos with the alley as their background – so cool!

My favourite thing about being in a city is finding the cool Bohemian spots that you don’t find in small towns, where there are strict rules on artistic freedom. Only in a city can spray-painting a wall be accepted as art; and art it certainly was!

I finished off the day by going to see ‘The Girl on the Train’ at the Cineplex, which I’m pleased to say was a decent film. I am always disappointed by film adaptions of books that I’ve read, and aside from the fact that they based the British book in America(!), it still stayed fairly true to the novel and kept the suspense going throughout, right until its satisfying end.

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Sometimes on your day off you have to get up and out of bed to have a truly revitalizing day. Sure, sleeping is great, but walking around in the crisp, Autumn sun, eating delicious food, and witnessing impressive things, in the company of good people, can be even more rewarding.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!





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