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48 Hours In Prague

So a couple of weeks ago now, my boyfriend whisked me away for the weekend and I had no idea where we were heading.

He helped me to pack a small suitcase and we woke up at 4am to hop on a train which ended up taking us to Manchester Airport. Considering I hadn’t packed my passport this was rather alarming. But it turned out the sneaky devil had managed to steal my passport while I was distracted and he surprised me with a trip to a city that was top of my list to visit next – Prague!

After the initial formalities, such as purchasing last minute travel insurance, I was able to relax and get excited for our trip. I hadn’t known we were going so I had no plans for what I wanted to do whilst there; I didn’t know what was the thing to do!

So after furiously messaging my friends who have been and doing a stalk on Facebook to see where my ‘friends’ had checked in whilst visiting there, I had some form of an idea of the things on offer. And here are some of the things that you absolutely must do if you visit Prague for the weekend any time soon…

Where To Stay

We stayed at the the pentahotel Prague and, honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better hotel. The main lobby was a huge bar and restaurant, with comfy sofas to lounge on and a pool table to play with (for free). The walls were all brick and the whole building had a trendy industrial feel about it – it was super swish!

Our room was big, with the sleekest bathroom I’ve had in a hotel (helloooo walk-in shower!) and they put two single beds together which resulted in the worlds biggest double bed. It was very hard to climb out of bed on a morning…

We also had our own balcony, which didn’t have the greatest of views but it was a nice touch that was nice to stand on with a cup of tea.

The restaurant downstairs is really nice and I would recommend eating there one evening, but it’s more on the expensive side. If you want a cheaper restaurant to eat at, up the road there is a little Italian place called Pizzeria Carllino that was super cheap (like £5 for a whole pizza and £1.40 for a pint of beer) and I would highly recommend eating there to save some money.

To my fellow nut allergy sufferers, I would not recommend eating in the restaurant at the pentahotel. I was unable to eat barely anything due to frying methods and the flour in the pizzas and breads, so I had to eat a salad to stay safe. Needless to say, the salad was lovely, but I was after a PIZZA that night!


The hotel had a buffet breakfast for the equivalent of like £13 if you booked the night before, but to be honest, I don’t think it is worth it. Instead we headed down the road one morning and had a lovely breakfast at a small indie coffee shop called mamacoffee.

All I need in the morning to start my day right is some eggs and strong coffee, and that’s exactly what I got at mamacoffee. Ordering the egg scramble with mushrooms, spinach and sourdough bread, and their signature coffee, I was set for the long day ahead. The scramble was so yummy I didn’t want it to end – I have now learnt the secret to any good scrambled egg is to add onion!

It was cheaper than the buffet breakfast at the hotel, safer for you nut allergy sufferers (they have an allergen menu – yippee!) and it was really good food and excellent coffee.

Hop On A Scooter

It goes without saying that you need to explore the city and see the touristy things. So since my boyfriend and I like to always pick the fun option, we chose to take a scooter tour around the city rather than walk.

There are two types of tour you can do: a segway tour or a scooter tour. I highly recommend doing a scooter tour instead of a segway tour as segways can’t be taken into the cities, so you are limited to only going around the outskirts of the city. On the scooter tour we were able to get right into the heart of the city and get up close to all the famous landmarks.

We paid for a group tour at €39 each but as it turned out, nobody else had booked on the same time slot as us (January is a quiet tourist time) so we got a 2-hour private tour for the price of a group one – ka-ching!!

Our personal guide led us around the city, stopping off at numerous points to tell us about the history, old folklore tales and other interesting facts about the landmarks. We were also able to get pictures at all the stopping points we wanted like the castle, the John Lennon wall and several viewpoints. It was so relaxed that we even stopped with our guide for a drink at a brewery en route.

The scooters weren’t quite as easy to manoeuvre as I’d initially assumed so it took a little bit of getting used to, but by the end of the tour I was flying around the city and having a whale of a time! Be sure to wear warm clothing and gloves for a scooter tour if it’s not summer – it gets chilly when you’re zooming around.

Rooftop Views

You can’t go to a city and not go to a rooftop bar. A lot of the bars and restaurants in Prague are underground or have an underground feel about them which is awesome. There’s nothing cooler than sitting and enjoying a drink surrounded by giant stone arch ways and candlelight; you feel like you’re back in medieval times.

But when you want a view from the top, apparently the place to go is Black Angel’s Bar. There is an underground bar that is very swanky, or you can head up to the roof to look out over the city as you drink.

It was very dark when we got up to the bar (cos ya know, winter) so we only saw things that were lit up in the night, but I imagine in the summer it has breathtaking views.

Have A Little Naughty Fun

As with any city, there are plenty of tourist traps and Prague’s centre has a fair few itself. But where’s the fun if you just do all the serious, historical sight-seeing stuff your whole trip?

There were plenty of torture museums and a mini Madame Tussaud’s, but the obvious choice for us had to be the Sex Machine Museum.

Don’t take your mum, unless you know she’ll laugh at nipple piercings and medieval sex toys with you, but it’s certainly a good laugh. After all, you’ve got to be a little bit naughty from time to time. Life’s too short to take seriously.

Experience The Christmas Market

We made it to Prague just in time for the last weekend of the Christmas Market. Richard had wanted us to experience it in full swing but it was impossible to get time off work at Christmas.

Prague is known for its beautiful Christmas markets and we visited the one in the Old Town on our first evening, so as not to risk missing it. In the dull of January it was a relief to experience some Christmas lights still left up and the smell of hot chocolates and the Czech doughnut ice cream cones.

I wasn’t brave enough to risk eating one cos of my allergy, despite how amazing they looked. But if you’re brave enough and feel confident in the ingredients they present you, then go for it – they smelt UH-mazing!


So there’s a few ideas for your next trip to Prague… The beer is super cheap so make sure you enjoy as much of that as possible – needless to say, we did!

And enjoy a nice walk around the city. The Astronomical Clock Tower is in The Old Town along with lots of restaurants and bars, and it’s only a short walk to the castle and the magnificent cathedral inside. (It’s free to go into the castle grounds and to a certain point in the Saint Vitus Cathedral, but you have to pay extra for full access to the cathedral and other areas such as The Golden Lane.) You see so much more walking around cities, and usually, everything is in close proximity to each other. You just have to allow yourself to get lost from time to time.





  • Sophie

    Love this! We’re looking for our next city break so will definitely be considering Prague after this 🙂

  • Wanderer

    Great! My latest post is about Prague as well! 🙂 I’m glad for your adventures! 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I’m so envious of Europeans, being able so close to so many countries. What a lovely surprise from your boyfriend! I’ve always wanted to visit a Christmas Market too, it just feels so festive.

  • Caterina Avino

    That is so romantic that you have a boyfriend that will whisk you away to such a beautiful destination!

  • ElishaAinsley

    He continues to surprise me 🙂

  • ElishaAinsley

    Yeah it is so convenient being so close to other countries – means we can hop on a plane for the weekend. It’s so convenient!

  • ElishaAinsley

    I would really recommend it. Beautiful city and cheap beer – can’t go wrong 😉

  • Johnny

    Prague has been on my list of places to go forever. I’ll definitely be doing the scooter tour – what a great way to see a city.

  • I really like your writing style 🙂 Secondly I was wondering, how did you manage to get the first photo (of the post) without people lurking around on the sides… that spot is usually very crowded…

  • ElishaAinsley

    It was such a fun way to see the sights! Much more exciting than walking…

  • ElishaAinsley

    Thank you 🙂 Haha well we had to climb a very steep wall to get to a decent spot… my vertigo was not happy about it!

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