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27 Things…

So, yesterday an old school friend of mine discovered this little gem from years ago…

It was one of those chain kind-of things that circled around Facebook and settled itself in my ‘Notes’ section (where that even is, I have no idea!).

Despite the fact that I cringed like mad when I re-read this(!), mainly due to the awful ‘text speech’ that I used at the time (I can only assume this was written when I was pre-16), I found it quite an interesting read!

Some things have changed in the years since I wrote this, some things I have achieved since, and some things are pretty much the same.

So I thought, why not compare this to what my feelings and thoughts are now…

1. Friends are important. But Family comes first! Family are still the most important thing to me, but my friends are my extended family and I rely on them equally.
2. I am a very overemotional person n I hate it about myself Yes, I am a very emotional person and I care far too much.
3.I wish I was blonde. Dunno why just have always wanted to be. I have been blonde for years since, although I always yo-yo back to brunette. I currently still want to be blonde again.
4.Music is my passion in life. I am trying to make a career as a Musical Theatre actress, so yes, music is very much a part of me.
5.I’m addicted to mint. I love the taste of it. I have always, and will always, carry a packet of mints in my handbag…
6.I love to smile πŸ™‚ but I can be really miserable lol I have chronic ‘bitch face’. It’s a curse.
7.I cried when I saw the Wicked theatre in London lol Yup. Thought I’d blocked out that embarrassing memory…
8.I am addicted to facebook but I used to think it was shit I still check Facebook regularly, like everybody else does, but I am also an avid tweeter. Social Media whore.
9. I eat so much shit its unreal Still true. But I’m better now than I was!
10. I’m one of these people who say ‘if at first you dont succeed, give up and hide all evidence tht u eva attempted it’ πŸ™‚ Still true…
11. My major phobia is of drowning πŸ™ Β Unfortunately, still true. But now I have a whole load of extra ones to go with it!
12. I would LOVE to perform on the West End stage in a musical when I’m older Still waiting on that dream to come true!
13. But if that doesn’t work out then I might do something in psychology I am still very interested in psychology, but I feel like that ship sailed alongside the rise in University fees…
14. I will never return to the The Spice Merchant in Kboro after a certain staff xmas do incident lol :s I have returned to the Spice Merchant many a time, because nobody cares about my under age drunken foolery!
15. I’m 5 foot 5 n ppl take the piss n say im small This still occurs often, when I’m really just average…
16. But my ideal height would be to be 5 foot 7. I dunno why i just like tht height lol This is still true; 5’7″ just sounds like a nice height.
17. I’ve always wanted to beable to play the piano I have always wanted to, but I am too lazy to put in the effort to learn. Instead, I will force one of my children to play.
18. I have every video of Friends These have now been passed down to my little sister, due to having to abandon my collection when moving to University.
19. My favourite film is Shrek πŸ™‚ I don’t really have a favourite film, but I do love a good bit of Shrek!
20. I did the German Exchange last year even thou i cant speak a word of German Yeah, it does seem a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?
21. I have 2 jobs. One in Bojangles hairdressers, the other at the Tiger Inn I had these jobs for over 4 years until I went to University and now my younger sister works the exact same jobs. Passing them down through the generations!
22. I’d love to work in Disneyworld as a Disney princess πŸ™‚ Still very true! If I could work in a Disney show as a princess, I could die happy.
23. I swear my house is haunted :/ I do think it was at the time, with my sister’s imaginary friend. It was some scary stuff!
24. I don’t have a best friend just very good friends I now have several best friends because I am greedy.
25. I was christened Catholic This will always be true…
26. I Hate school with a passion Yes. Yes, I did. But then I got out of there and moved to a school that I loved and couldn’t have been happier! Happy Endings all round.
27. I always get cast as the character who has a go at someone in every drama performance we do lol Now I don’t get cast at all because I am a struggling actress…Β 



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