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10 Reasons I Am Proud To Be A Yorkshire Girl

Yorkshire folk are notorious for being fiercely proud of our heritage, our home and our traditions. Myself included. I am proud to be a Yorkshire girl!

You can go anywhere else in the U.K, but once you’ve lived in Yorkshire, you quickly realise that nowhere else is quite the same.

I’ve lived and explored a lot of places so far in my life, but nowhere compares. So what better day to celebrate being from ‘God’s Own Country’ than on Yorkshire Day?

Here are 10 reasons why I am proud to be a Yorkshire girl…

1. We are tough cookies. Throw anything at a Yorkshire girl and she will either conquer it or she will tear you a new one.

2. We have top banter and great phrases. Half of the time, you may not even know what we’re on about. Yorkshire dialect is a language all of its own… Here is an article with definitions for most of our common phrases.

3. We know how to make a banging cup of tea.

4. We know how to appreciate both the buzzing city life and the beauty of the Yorkshire moors that surround us.

5. No matter how ‘fancy’ we pretend to be, nothing makes us happier than a drink at the local pub and a big pile of fish and chips or a roast dinner.


6. In my hometown of Knaresborough alone, we have two annual special days where the town participates in a ‘bed race‘ and a ‘duck race’… Yorkshire folk are a bit bonkers and we are so much happier for it!

7. We are proud and loyal to our county. After all, it is called ‘God’s Own Country’ for a reason…

8. We have so many awesome places on our doorstep. Want a walk in the countryside? We’ve got it. Day trip to the beach? We’ve got it. A big night out in the city? We’ve got it. Historical nerdy day out? We’ve got it. Great shopping? Got it.

9. People actually say ‘hello’ to strangers here. I know… *shock horror*

10. Our accent is better than yours.

Happy Yorkshire Day!